Practical Completion Inspection – 12 Hints

Here are some hints for your PCI Inspection

  1. Don’t go too fast. There is no need to rush, you have spent a lot of money and it’s your chance to get things fixed so take your time.
  2. Look at things from a different angle. It’s easy to miss things below eye level, when you are standing. In each room sit on the floor (or a camp stool) and have a good look around at that level. Sit on the toilets and shut the door.
  3. Take your shoes off and walk round in stocking feet then you can feel any problems with the floor.
  4. Fill the basins, sinks, and bath to the overflow level and then check for leaks.
  5. Run the showers and check they drain.
  6. Flush the toilets, check they are securely fixed to floor and don’t leak
  7. Make sure privacy locks on toilets and bathrooms work
  8. Test all the power points and light switches. Make sure that where you have several switches on one panel the layout of switches is logical
  9. Make sure all the lights and power points have been fitted
  10. If you have any sensor lights make sure the delay and sensitivity is correctly set. We had one in a wardrobe in our current house that went out if you stayed still for 5 seconds.
  11. Check for rough edges on the edges of paintwork from paint drying in lumps/drips particularly window cills. Those rough edges can catch your curtain fabrics and pull threads.
  12. Making sure ALL of your concerns are noted down on paper, legibly and not skipped over. There may be some things where your SS will just say “Oh, that always gets done before handover”. Make sure it is written in the PCI list anyway. Unless it’s in the list, it may not get done at all.


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