Becoming Part Of The Community

When you move to a new area you can feel isolated. So how do you make new friends and become part of the community?

Mothers of young children used to find it quite easy with chatting at the school gate. But how much of this goes on now lots of parents drive their children?

With older children there is always watching them play sport and perhaps coaching a team.

One of the best things that I have found to get involved is as a member of the local Service Club. I am sure other clubs such as the Lions and APEX are just as good but my experience has been with Rotary.

Over the years as we have moved around I have been a member of four different Rotary Clubs (I am currently a member of Hoppers Crossing Rotary Club) and here are just some of the advantages I have found:

  • Prospective new members are always welcomed.
  • It’s easy to get to remember names, as members have to wear a name badge at meetings.
  • It means that within a few weeks you will know 20 or 30 people in the town. This means that when you are out shopping you are more likely to meet people you know.
  • You get the satisfaction of helping your community by fund raising for local causes and working on projects such as gardens for the disabled. Most of these activities have a social aspect as well.
  • You become part of an international organisation which is working on international projects to eradicate polio, provide better water supplies, provide medical treatment for developing countries, etc, etc, etc,
  • The meetings are generally light hearted with an emphasis on being social and having fun.
  • You here interesting and inspiring talks from guest speakers.
  • You meet a wide range of people.

So What Does It Involve?

  • Rotary have weekly meetings and you are expected to attend most meetings. (I know Lions Clubs generally meet every two weeks.)
  • Generally the cost is around $20 for a 2 course meal with drinks and a couple of raffle tickets extra.
  • Usually there is an annual membership cost of around $200 dollars which many clubs will allow members to spit over two or more payments.


Use this link to find clubs near you it will tell you where and when the club meets and give you a contact phone number so someone will expect you.

How have you become involved in the local community?

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