3 Uses for Old Plastic Cards

card 1These days we seem to be filling our wallets (or purses) with plastic cards!

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards, Lottery Cards, Hotel Key Cards. . . . it seems never ending.

But what can you do with cards you no longer need?

Here are three ways that I recycle old cards including two uses that are related to your new house.

Filling Dints in Plasterboard

When the furniture is moved into your new home you will be luck if there isn’t a dint in the plasterboard.

Rather than buying a fancy spatula I just use an old card to push filler into the hole.

The slick surface of the card and the flexibility make plastic cards ideal for placing the filler and giving a smooth finish.

Smoothing Silicone Caulk

Card 2In the past  I have done extra tiling in areas such as the laundry and then needed to caulk the gap between the tiles and the worktop.

I have found that a plastic card is ideal for getting the profile of the caulk just right.

You just need to cut a corner of the card to the required profile.

The other edges of the card will make a great scraper to remove any spilled caulk.

Decoy for Pick Pocket/Mugger

When I am travelling I normally carry an old wallet with that days expected cash, a couple of old credit cards, and an old hotel key card in my trouser pocket.

My real credit card, some cash and room key are kept elsewhere in an inconspicuous pocket (I generally wear ScottEvest clothing which are designed with several ‘hidden’ pockets)

In the event of criminal activity the loss of the ‘authentic’ looking wallet won’t be a major issue for me.


Disclosure. . .I mention ScottEvest because of personal use, I haven’t been paid for the above link or received any free items of clothing.

If you have a use for old plastic cards leave a comment!