New Ideas In Lighting

Today I visited the Green Building + Homewares Exhibition in Melbourne and thought I would share a couple of the ideas I saw.

flat LED 1Flat Panel LED’s

These wall, or ceiling mounted LED flat panels are around 600mm x 600mm but less than 10mm thick.

The representative on the stand indicated that the wholesale cost of the basic unit for bulk orders was aaround $20.

If you wanted a unit you could dim using your mobile phone WIFI he was still talking about a wholesale cost of for bulk orders of less than $50.

Waterproof units are also available

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Decorative bulbs 1Decorative Bulbs

I was also impresses with this range of decorative bulbs.

A huge range of shapes and ‘filaments’

Even though they look like conventional bulbs there was little heat given off.

Some were cool to the touch and the hottest was no more than warm even though they had been on for several hours.

As well as the more ‘Traditional’ Edison like fittings there were were many more colourful bulbs.
Decorative bulbs 2Both types of Bulbs are manufactures by Shenzhen AMD Decor Lighting Co Ltd.

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