Proactive Investments to Prepare Your Home for the Summer Heat

Guest Post by Hubert Dwight

Summer all around the world is a time of significant heat and a significant spike in outdoor activities.

Australian summers are known to be particularly harsh and unforgiving, with temperatures soaring into the mid 40’s and staying there for days on end.


In the blistering heat of summer, air conditioners can be the knights in shining armour to anyone sweltering in the cruel heat, however they aren’t often considered good for the environment.

In the US alone, air conditioners are responsible for around 100 million tons of C02 emissions from electrical plants adding to global warming .

Evaporative cooling systems, are reasonably inexpensive and have the lowest power use of cooling systems although they become less effective as the heat soars.

If, like me, you are not a fan of evaporative cooling look for the more efficient refrigerated systems

Awnings and Outdoor Blinds

Awnings and all weather blinds are the bigger, more durable version of the blinds we all have on the inside of our windows.

The awnings are great for the Australian summer, as they often sit at a slight angle to the window, and allows light through, but the material keeps the heat of the direct sun from entering your house. 

This means that you can still have comfortable rooms but not suffer the terrible wrath of the summer heat.

If you live on the east coast, you might look for businesses that sell awnings in Sydney

Transparent blinds can also extend the period of use of outdoor areas into the colder months.

Shade Sails

For those of you with a large back or front yard area, a shade sail can provide all of the shade and UV protection of a tree without the risk of it falling on your house.

Shade sails usually operate by attaching three or more anchor points to areas around the to-be-shaded area, then stretching a large thick mesh cloth between the points.

This cloth is weatherproof, tough, and can provide a safe play area for children all year long.

Swimming Pools

Now comes the big suggestions – pools.

Swimming pools tend to be large, long-term investments that take time to set up and even go so far as to increase the value of your home, if they are permanent.

If digging a large hole in the ground to fit a swimming pool doesn’t seem viable to you, there are always above-ground options which won’t require any digging.

There are a range of temporary pools that extend from the very cheap to the very lavish.

Rainwater Tanks

Finally, for the gardener in your life, a rainwater tank can be a garden saviour in the extreme heat of summer.

Many lawns and gardens won’t survive well in the intense heat of daytime, and with the lack of natural rainfall in summer, gardens need to be watered more regularly to sustain them.

Investing in a rainwater tank means you are protected from water restrictions and no added costs to your water bill.


These methods for summer-proofing your house can be very effective if prepared in advance, and can even end up saving you money as the next sweltering season rolls around.