Shading Northern Windows

In Passive Solar I talked about shading North facing windows.

This does not mean roller shutters or blinds that pull down over the window.

Although they do keep out the sun you lose any views, and they make the rooms very gloomy and depressing,

With good design they are unnecessary.

The best methods of shading North facing windows are:

• Overhanging Eaves
• A well designed veranda
• A pergola

How Much Shade?

For areas North of Brisbane its better to have  enough shade to keep the sun out of the house as much as possible.

For areas from Brisbane and South the keys are:

  • Keep direct sun off the window during December January and February.
  • Allow full sun to shine on all of the window in June July and August. Dimensions below shows how to plan the shade construction

North Shading


Keeping the summer sun out for areas South of Brisbane can generally be achieved by making sure the extent of the shade is 45% of the height (H) the shade is above the bottom of the glass. The shade should also extend along the wall window 45% of H either side of the window.

To minimise shading of the window in winter the shading needs to be around 20% of H above the top of the glass.

West and East Facing Windows

These are hard to shade, for a useful strategy see: West and East Windows


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