How Big or Small Does a Home Need To Be?

Our first house was around 6 squares (approx 56m2).

Two rooms downstairs and two rooms with a bathroom upstairs, and a single garage in the back garden.

We lived happily in the house for 6 years including after my daughter was born.

Since then we have gone up in size as our family grew to two children plus two dogs.

The current house is over 20 square.(approx 186m2) plus a double garage.

Now we are back to the two of us and the house feels huge.

Many Australians on retirement join the legions of grey nomads on the trip round Australia and live for months or even years in caravans or motor homes that would range from less than 1 square (say around 9.3m2) to the very largest which might be 2.5 square (say around 23m2)

If you want to see how small some people are prepared to go why not look at the TinyHouseBlog ?

For the rest of us here are some thoughts when considering the size of the house.

  • Do you need a breakfast table area and a dining room when you probably eat most of your meals at the breakfast counter or on your knee in front of the TV?
  • Now almost everybody has laptops do you need a study or home office?
  • 12 sqm makes a very reasonable sized master bedroom. Although ours is big enough for a couch as a ‘parent retreat’ if one us goes into the bedroom to watch TV we normally watch it from the bed. I think the couch has been sat on no more than twice in 4 years.
  • 10 sqm is a reasonable size for other bedrooms. You will get two singles or a double for a guest bedroom. If you are going to use it as a child bedroom it should fit a bed and a desk with room to spare for other furniture.
  • Do you need a family room, living room and lifestyle room? As well as the cost of building these rooms you have got the cost of buying the furniture to fill them.

One area of our house I probably think is too small is the larder that always seems too packed with tins etc. An extra 1m2 here would make a big difference.

How big does your home need to be?

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