Starting House Design 2 – Bubble Diagram 2

Once you have a basic bubble diagram you can then start to develop it by:

Drawing Circulation Routes

  • Think about your block how will people approach the front door.
  • What rooms do you want to overlook approaching visitors.
  • Where do visitors enter the house?
  • How do you expect people to move from room to room?
  • How will people move through the house?

Organising Spaces

  • What kind of entrance do you want and how formal you want it.
  • Do you want the kitchen and dining area linked or separate.
  • Do you want a separate WIR and En-suite or walk through one to get to the other.
  • Should the family room and the rumpus room be separated from each other or be next to one another.
  • How much space do you need? . . A lot of people have trouble relating space to a floor plan…..See These Hints to get some help

Use Scenarios

When discussing the plans talk through ‘Use Scenarios’ for example:

  • Cooking a meal while talking to the children.
  • Children doing homework
  • Watching different TV programs in different rooms
  • Family meals
  • Having visitors round for a meal
  • Bringing the shopping home
  • Doing the laundry

This is what  I came up with

Bubble Basic 2


Post 3, in this series, will show how this diagram was developed into a final layout


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