Architectural Bridge – Fail

It’s not a new house but it is architecture and my wife or I use it every day.

It’s the footbridge at Footscray Railway Station.

Looks fairly impressive and very modern with its round shape………….So why is it a Fail?

Well you would think that one of the main purposes of this bridge would be to keep you dry as you walk across it on rainy days.

This is where it fails, most of those transparent panels you can see in the roof are in fact steel plates with lots of holes drilled in them.

Consequently when it rains you get as wet walking across the bridge, as if there was no roof!

Not only that but these panels are over the stainless steel handrails on the stairs. If you stumble on the stairs its no use relying on grabbing the rail as with the water streaming down them they are as slippy as ice!

A triumph of architecture over practicality!       A truly Epic Fail!

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