Roof Space – Access

One of the things that frequently gets forgotten is the hatch that gives access to the roof space.


The usual location is in the corridor to the secondary bedrooms.

It doesn’t seem that important but when you need the heating serviced, electrical alterations, plumbing alterations, etc, you are going to get tradies coming through the house. When they have gone I often find dirty fingerprints on the hatch. I then need to get a ladder to clean the hatch.

It’s worth thinking about where you put this hatch. If you have a single storey house the garage is probably the most convenient location followed by the laundry. If you have got a 2 storey house an unobtrusive location will be a bit harder to find, but make sure you think about it otherwise Sod’s Law says it will finish up in the worst spot.

Type and Size

If you are the sort of person who can’t throw anything away you might want some extra space for storage. In that case perhaps you should think about a larger hatch fitted with a ladder. (The ladder in the photo is a product of the ATTIC Group with a basic unit costing around $630)

Just don’t put anything heavy up there as the roof trusses aren’t designed for heavy loads.


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4 thoughts on “Roof Space – Access”

  1. Depending on your style, it may not be a good idea to put it in the garage.
    If you leave your garage door open you’re making it just too easy for someone to break into your actual house….

    1. Good point if you leave your garage unattended. In my house however I have the same level of security between the garage and the house as the front door.

  2. We run a pest control business and have seen manholes sited in the most ridiculous places. In wardrobes, in laundries with the hot water unit placed underneath it to name just a few!! We need to get access annually to perform a termite inspection. Australian Standards state that a manhole access of less than 450 x 400mm is not “Reasonable access” and does have to be accessed. Our guys WANT to get in – but if homeowners or builders make it too difficult – then the only people who lose out are the homeowner!

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