Tips for Building an Outdoor Kitchen

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There’s nothing like cooking in the great outdoors, whether you are camping in the woods or sitting on your own patio at home.

Two of the hottest trends in new home construction today are island kitchens and backyard patios, so it stands to reason that homeowners are combining the two to create customizable outdoor kitchens.

Rather than messing about with fiddly propane or charcoal grills, you can install all the features of today’s modern kitchens into a cosy deck setting.

Keep it simple with grills built in to your patio, or go high tech with your favourite kitchen gadgets. Either way, you’ll benefit from being able to spend time cooking outdoors with your friends and family, while at the same time adding value to your new home.

Space and Location

As you look at plots of land for sale and start planning the construction of your dream home, think carefully about how much space you will have available for an outdoor kitchen.

In most cases, you’ll need to place your kitchen area close enough to the home to be convenient. Water and electricity supplies must be readily available to install a working outdoor kitchen.

Think about whether you want a concrete base or something more organic, and whether you want your dining area incorporated into the kitchen plans. Your outdoor kitchen may take up the same amount of space as an interior room, depending on your vision.

Style and Design

An island design is the most popular for outdoor kitchens; perhaps because it gives you room to move around a stand-up grill. You can choose a simple rectangular shape with a grill, countertop, bar, and sink.

Kitchen islands, however, could also be L-shaped or even curved to accommodate dining areas and give you added workspace. Another decision to make is whether you prefer to have an open or enclosed outdoor kitchen.

Partially enclosing your kitchen can protect you from foul weather, but it may also lead to the need for added ventilation to prevent smoke from the grill from accumulating in the dining area.

Equipment and Amenities

The primary piece of equipment that you will need for a working outdoor kitchen is a grill, which can be installed in the main kitchen island. These can be outfitted with burners, griddles, and other features.

Sinks can make it easier to prepare food outdoors, while refrigerators keep drinks and perishable items cold without the need to keep walking back into the house. These are the most basic items to install in your outdoor kitchen, but the sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities.

If you enjoy baking, you could install a stand-up mixer and cooling racks. Those who want to use their outdoor kitchen for parties may want to have a full bar installed.

As you draw up plans for your piece of real estate, think about the types of food you will be most likely to prepare in your outdoor kitchen, and how often you plan on entertaining. By customizing this space, you’ll be able to have everything you need for idyllic outdoor entertainment.


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