No Lawn, No Water Garden


Lots of people seem to think…….

  • You have to have a lawn in your new house.
  • You need a full scale watering system.

Here are some pictures of the last garden we developed that has neither. We planted the garden near the house with clumps of native grasses, succulents and flaxes along a dry stream bed.


Further back, along the fence we used native shrubs and some palms.

When we plant I water the plant in and then water about a week later,. After that its on its own……if it dies it gets replaced with something hardier.


In case you think this is in a tropical area you would be wrong.

It’s in Werribee the driest Melbourne Suburb (40% less rain than than eastern suburbs).

The garden was planted in 2006 and the photos were taken in 2010 after 4 years of Victorian drought.


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