Post Contract Variations

The best advice I can give is:

Avoid making Post Contract Variations
The reasons are:


Basically the builder holds all the cards once the contract is signed.

They can quote you the top price for the change… a percentage for the variation which you will find in your contract (normally 20%)

If you deduct something you only get a reduction for the cost of the item and may have to pay an admin charge for any drawing changes.

There is a saying in the building industry the basic price is the Milk but the variations are the Cream!


Once you ask for a variation the gives the builder the reason to require an extension of time on the contract.

I have known of some high end builds to have doubled the cost and time of the build on Post contract variations.

Don’t rush signing the contract!……..It’s well worth taking some time and making sure you have made your mind up about what you want!

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