Subdivision Costs

Are you thinking about splitting an existing house block to get a 2nd house block for free?………..Well it might be cheap compared with an existing block in the same area, but it won’t be free!

The costs can easily exceed $20,000 for a simple dividing a single block in two.

Below are some indications of costs for a subdivision:

  • Surveyor  – Around $2,500 for a simple subdivision. but can easily double for more difficult sites where a specialist plannner and/or engineer may need to be involved.
  • Solicitor – Typically around $1000-$1500.
  • Application Fees – Land Title, Council Planning Permit and other Authority fees can easily add another $2,000.
  • Infrastructure Charges – A charge  fee that Councils, and Water Authorities, charge as your new lot will  be placing extra load on existing  infrastructure, This can vary considerably depending on both the State and Council area you live in.  Figures over $30,000 are not unknown for Inner City Subdivisions.
  • Installation of Services -Connecting; power, gas, water,  stormwater, and the sewer  can easily add several thousand to the price. If you are required to have a storm water detention tank then add another $10,000 -$50,000.
  • Access – A separate footpath crossing can add over $1,500 but if you have a Battleaxe Block it can easily be $3-4,000.

And that’s before you started constructing anything on the block!

Because of the many variables its worth spending some time researching the costs for your area before you go too far.

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