Fake Shutters

fake shutterHere is something I just can’t understand, Fake Shutters……They are hugely popular in the USA, and I do see quite a few examples over here.

I don’t understand them because:

  1. As they don’t come anywhere near being wide enough to cover the window they are so obviously fake.
  2. Even if they were big enough the louvres go the wrong way for a shutter that could be closed.
  3. Why pay a fair bit more money for something that’s only going to need to be painted.
  4. They make an excellent home for spiders and other undesirable bugs.

For more house pictures that make me wonder go to What the……………?


  1. Tim White

    True shutters will also have hinges.

  2. Forrest Fields

    They give the house an appearance that is more appealing just like the homes that have fake attic vents on the gable ends or vinyl “Shakes” on the gable ends or on the dormer. it’s all aesthetics.

    1. Brian Ashworth (Post author)

      You are certainly not alone in liking them. They are just not for me.


  3. Kerith

    Oh Brian! I couldn’t agree more. I think they are hideous and add nothing to the look of the house. The suburb where I live in Sydney has loads and loads of them. They make my morning walks cringeworthy!

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