Stuck On Decoration – Fail

DIGITAL CAMERAI was walking through one of the Western Suburbs the other day and came to a sudden stop when I saw this facade with stuck on decoration.

The owner must like it after all it would have cost them extra………… So what is wrong with it?

  • These sort of decorative pieces are meant to provide a bit of interest to a rendered finish, or at least provide a dividing line between brickwork and and render. Definitely not to be put on plain brickwork
  • The point of the arch shape is to match it with an arched window. Having a straight brickwork on a lintel below the ‘arch’ is absolutely out of character.
  • If you are going to go along this route at least colour match it with the window cills.
  • The joins between the pieces are clearly visible rather than smoothed out.

Am I just being a ratbag?…… or have I got it right?


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  1. jordan

    This couldn’t be written any better!

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