Openings in Timber Frame

Openings in a Timber Frame Wall Panel usually mean that the Bracing Straps of the Basic Frame can’t be installed.

The following diagram shows typical panel details.

Timber Frame Complex

Bracing Panels

The bracing panels replace the bracing straps to keep the frame square and ensure the panel resists sideways forces. They are a sheet  material that is nailed to the studs top plate, bottom plate, and noggins.

Usually the panels are ply although I have seen other materials such as particle board.


The lintel carries loads from above to the studs either side of the opening. The size of the lintel will depend on the width of the opening

Jam Stud

The jam stud in normally the last full height stud before the opening

Secondary Jam Stud

As well as assisting the jam stud to carry the lintel load the Secondary Jam Stud also provides extra stiffness to counteract the fact that there is only one noggin.

Sill Trimmer

This forms a fixing point for a window frame, and also the top fixing point for any Jack Studs.

NB for a small window a Head Trimmer may be used between the lintel and the top of the opening

Jack Stud

The jack stud is a short vertical stud. It can be between:

  • The Bottom Plate and the Sill Trimmer
  • The Lintel and a Head Trimmer

For background information about House Frames see this link: House Construction – The Frame.


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    Top article. I look forward to reading a lot more. Cheers

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    A good article but what are noggins?

    1. Brian Ashworth (Post author)

      See the Basic Timber Frame Post : Timber Frame – Basic


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