Children’s Bedrooms

Some people want children’s bedrooms to be big!

I’m not so sure!

Reasons for Big Bedrooms

  • Room to play, study, have sleepovers and for all their stuff.
  • Room for adult children.
  • Better for resale value.

(Big for me is 9 square m or more.)

Reasons for Small Bedrooms

  • Discourage  children from staying in their rooms.
  • Encourage children to move out when they become adult.
  • Keep initial cost down.

(Less than 7 square m I would consider to be small)


Well both my children have left home and we have now living in an apartment which is too small for them to move back!

If I was building a house for children I would probably go more for the smaller bedrooms.

I think being able to supervise children and encourage them to be more social is worthwhile. Most houses now have rumpus rooms so that’s where the toys can be stored and sleepovers take place.

What do you think?


Whatever size of bedroom make sure that you have thought about the power points, one thing which is often neglected by builders. See this link: Electrical Planning – Secondary Bedrooms