Building Certification Inspections

All house builds have to be inspected to check on their compliance with the Building Code of Australia.

These Certification Inspections used to be carried out by the Local Council. Nowadays there is no requirement for a builder to use any particular certifier so many builders choose their own private certifier.

There are a limited number of inspections as follows:

All Houses

  • After excavation for, and prior to the pouring of, foundations;
  • Prior to covering of the frame;
  • Prior to covering waterproofing in wet areas;
  • For the issuing of the Occupation Certificate.

Additional Inspections

If required the following will be added to the basic four inspections

  • Prior to pouring any in-situ reinforced concrete building element ;
  • After the construction of a swimming pool is completed to inspect the child resisting barrier has been erected.


These inspections are a confirmation that the building meets a basic level of construction. They do not inspect every element of your house  and are not an indication of the overall quality of the build. (See Compliance not Quality for more information)


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