6 Reasons For Not Having A Pool

PoolWith the first month of summer some people are thinking about swimming pools . . . . . Not Me! and here’s why:

Safety  –  Last year 43 Australians drowned in swimming pools (RLS Drowning Report) including 18 children under 5.  For every death there is at least one more child left with permanent brain impairment.

Cost  –  Not just the initial cost, but serious ongoing costs of around $1000/year for the average pool.  These include; power to run the filters, heating (even with solar heating you need to run a pump), and chemicals .

Poor Investment  –  It’s very unlikely to increase the value of your house.  The presence of a pool will actually put plenty of people off!  If you are planning to rent out your house you will probably still need to pay someone to maintain the pool, as most tenants will probably not be interested.

No Exercise Benefit A push off the wall and a couple of strokes to get to the other end, you will get more exercise walking round the block.

Limited Use Most pools hardly get used after the first year. Even if you have got children who want to use the pool have you got the time to supervise them properly (see Safety above).

Maintenance  –  Leaves, dead birds, mice, insects, spiders you can find them all in the filters. If you don’t clean them out regularly, and check the chemical balance, you are going to have a nasty looking pool.

If you do decide to get a pool make sure you keep it clean by checking out this cleaner guide by Globo Surf


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  1. Mike

    I totally agree. Also in southern states pools are generally only used in summer…

    It means a large part of your backyard is used up with something that only gets occasional use.

  2. Marth

    I like your writing so much. And may your Christmas be special!

  3. Emily

    Do not agree whatsoever. My two brothers and I would spend every waking moment in our pool growing up. Pool parties, racing and diving games, brothers used to play catch into the pool all afternoon, we had hot evenings where the whole family would float around in the pool watching the turned-around telly through the screen door to the house! Because of my experiences I believe a pool is a vital ingredient for the kind of childhood I want my kids to have. Active, healthy and outdoors!

    By your argument we should also get rid of trampolines, scooters, bikes due to the many injuries associated with them also.

    If it’s just adults in the house then I agree with you – as an adult I have lost that joy of tumbling in the pool for hours. But IMO the cost and maintenance hassles are worth it for the gift I’m giving my kids.

    1. Brian Ashworth (Post author)

      Fair points.

      Perhaps I should do a post on reasons for a pool soon!


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