Brick ‘Bulldust’

Brick Bulldust
I hear a lot of people agonise over the choice of bricks for their new house.

That’s probably because they are:

  1. Looking Too Closely. At the builders display centre you may be handed individual bricks or see a board with about 8 bricks on it. When you have been in the house a month you probably won’t notice the individual bricks. You only see the overall effect.
  2. Taken In By The ‘Hype’. Brochures use words like Premium, Valued, Crafted and other ‘Bulldust’. (see ‘Brochure Bulldust’ below)


Brochure Bulldust

These premium bricks are derived from the uniquely textured and blended heritage of the original “hand made” English bricks. It is these timeless characteristics that have been applied by highly skilled craftsmen to a range of clay colours.

The palette now includes subtle grey blends, warm, earthy reds & tans, bold coffee browns and deep black tones.

This premium range of genuine clay bricks are unique and highly valued by building professionals. The range is a statement of luxury befitting premium homes, residential developments and commercial applications.


In the old days when all work was done by hand it wasn’t practical to mix clay to get a consistent colour, so you got what came from the raw clay.

These  bricks are machine made with a mix of clay colours, but we think we can charge a lot more for them.



When choosing bricks go to a Brick Suppliers Display Centre and only look at bricks panels from at least 3m away. It much easier to see if a cheaper brick gives the effect you want.


‘Premium Bricks’ will add thousands when ‘Choosing a House’

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  1. Rosetta

    Thanks for several other helpful web page.

  2. Sharron O'Donnell

    Back in the 1980s, when Block Paving first really took off in Britain and Ireland, the choice of blocks was relatively simple, amounting to little more than opting for clay bricks, or concrete blocks, and then picking from a handful of colour variations. However, as the market has developed and become more sophisticated, and as manufacturing technology has improved, so the choice of bricks and blocks has, like Alice, grown and grown and grown until we are today faced with over 1,200 different pavers in Britain alone.

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