Daylight Tubes



If you have a gloomy smaller room (for example bathroom, WIR, or hallway) consider a daylight tube. They are a more energy efficient alternative to conventional skylights or having to keep putting the lights on.

Daylight tubes have three parts:

  • Roof mounted clear, hemispherical dome
  • Connecting  smooth highly reflective tube/duct
  • Ceiling level diffuser

As they require a smaller area of roof glazing than a traditional skylight, heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter is significantly reduced.


Selection and Installation

Smooth shiny tubes. will deliver more light than corrugated flexible tubes.

Although the advertising show the ducts bent into all sorts of shapes in practice the straighter the tube the better the light.

Although you can buy DIY kits working on a house roof is risky. If you are not confident it may be better to pay for it to be installed.

Make sure the ceiling insulation is replaced tightly around the tube

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  1. Greg Beirne

    Well done, Brian, this is the type of tube Terri wants for our hallway.


    Greg Beirne

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