Breaking the 500 Post ‘Barrier’

500 PostsWelcome to this, the 501st Post on the anewhouse Web Site.

The blog has certainly come a long way over the past 3 and a half years.

The site is currently getting around 8,500 visits a month with over 20,000 pages viewed each month.

Of those page visits the top 5 most popular topics (apart from the home page) are:

  1. Construction Stages
  2. Room Height
  3. Soil Classification
  4. Building on Clay Soils
  5. Waffle Pod Slabs

What do you think is the most useful topic?


  1. raj

    Nice blog.

  2. Amy Jonhston

    This site is so awesome! I’m trying to design a granny flat and i can’t thank you enough for your info!

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