Builders ‘Security’ Fence

These days all the builders provide, at our cost, a 1.8m high ‘Security Fence’ around the site.

When you ask them “Why is it there? “. . .  They say “Its for Occupational Health and Safety and/or to prevent theft. ”

If those are the reasons why do less than 1% have a padlock?

For most of them the highest security level is a piece of wire twisted around a couple of times!

The only positive thing I can say about all this is the lack of security makes it easier for me to access the site in the evening to check whats happened during the day!


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One thought on “Builders ‘Security’ Fence”

  1. These fences certainly do not prevent theft from building sites which is rife or the dumping of other people’s hard waste or rubbish. Another one of those endearing aspects of Australian society.

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