Fixing Stage Inspections

stage 4 fixing

This is the time when all plasterboard lining (or internal cladding) architraves, skirtings, doors, built in shelves, baths, basins, troughs, sinks, cabinets and cupboards of a home are fitted and fixed in position.

The waterproofing of all wet areas will also have been completed.

The house will still require painting and things like cabinet doors may be missing.

Why Inspect At This Stage

Bringing defects to the attention of the builder at this stage usually means they can be more easily dealt with than at the PCI Stage.

This could mean less delays overall.

Things To Look For

Here are some things you, or your inspector, should be looking at:

  • Doors correctly fitted without sticking and catches and lock operating correctly.
  • Architraves neatly fitted.
  • Window Frames correctly fitted and sealed.
  • Correct glass specification, with safety markings for glass doors
  • Skirting neatly fitted .
  • Correct cabinets fitted with good workmanship.
  • Correct tiles  / splashbacks installed neatly
  • Correct shelves and rails in Wardrobes
  • Ceiling/wall linings and cornices neatly fitted.
  • Electrical switches, light fittings, smoke alarms. and power sockets correctly located.
  • External structures such as pergolas, verandas, decks, and carports constructed with adequate workmanship and the correct materials.
  • Al Fresco / Patio surface finished correctly and draining away from the house
  • Termite protection / Vermin proofing in place.
  • Step heights.
  • Balustrades for balconies and landings securely fixed
  • Anything else that looks wrong!


Only Completion Stage to Go!




  1. Mervyn Samaratunga

    I am building a highset house. the builder has done floor framing but not the floor boards which is h/w t&g strip sanded and polished. He says flooring is not included in stage 4 fixing. Skirting is mentioned in your fixing stage. How can you do the skirting with out flooring.
    It is true you have not mentioned flooring in any of your stages.
    Can you tell me in what stage flooring requires to be done.

    1. Brian Ashworth (Post author)

      For a high quality finish (but easily damaged) like hardwood tongue and groove the builder will want to minimise the possibility of damage so may want to do it during the completion stage. With this type of flooring it is best to put the skirting on after the flooring.

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