Wardrobe Location

Get your wardrobe location wrong and you could finish up with mouldy clothes!

I have recently seen a few house plans with built in wardrobes along an external wall . . . . Not a good idea.

The Problem

Basically there is a lot of water vapour in the air in every house.

This water vapour can condense on surfaces that are cooler than the air such as outside walls, even if they are insulated.

The lack of air movement in the back of a wardrobe means that there is little chance of moisture drying out.

As a consequence the dampness gives mould the opportunity to grow on the walls and clothes that are touching the walls.

Although the wardrobe in the photo only has one end against the external wall we still have have problems when clothes have been allowed to touch the outside wall.

Some Solutions

Avoid having wardrobes backing onto an external wall.

Where a wardrobe does have an edge against an external wall think about how you will keep your belongings away from the wall.

Wire basket drawers, as in the photo, will allow air to circulate between the wall and the clothes


Another advantage of having wardrobes on internal walls is a wardrobe full of clothes will provide some extra noise insulation between rooms.


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