Electricity Meter Box Location

Meter BoxHave you thought about where your meter box will go?

As you can see from this photo it is often one of the earliest things to be installed . . . . . Don’t like it in the location and its going to cost big dollars to change!

Because the Meter Box is normally at a height of around 1m above ground and fairly large its much more obvious than the water and gas meters.

The first Australian House I built and I completely forgot about the meter box until I saw it in place, in the middle of a blank wall facing the front of the property.

It ‘Stuck out like a Ruckman at a Jockey Convention’.

Some Thoughts On Location

Have a look where the box is on the Display House.

If you want it at the side of the house think about where your fences are going to be, you don’t want it behind a fence.

The box needs to be convenient to find if a Circuit Breaker trips at night.

If you are planning Solar Power the closer it is to the panels the better.

Although I am not a big worrier about Electromagnetic Radiation there are some people who recommend that you don’t have a meter box on the same wall as a bedhead.

Probably the best site is next to the front door if you can find a space.


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