Big Window – Fail

I have previously talked about Good Orientation and Window Size in this Blog.

It’s not as though this sort of information is secret knowledge. . . . . I would have thought all architects would be aware of the importance of these sort of issues.

So I wonder why this custom designed,  suburban house in Melbourne has this huge South facing window.

Here is why I think it’s a fail:

  • Minimal privacy.
  • Massive heat loss in winter meaning huge heating bills, or a house like a fridge.
  • No solar benefit in the winter.
  • Considerable heat gain in summer due to the poor insulation value of glazing.

Just in case you thought the purpose of the window was to take in a magnificent aspect . . . . . here is the view!



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  1. Robynne

    We are also having stacker doors facing the south or rather south west … Just because that is where the garden is – it’s unavoidable! And also train noise coming from this direction … So hopefully double glazed and low e will help make it less fridge like

    1. Brian Ashworth (Post author)

      I can understand wanting to capture a view, but this house has no view.


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