THE BLOCK – Useful, or Just Entertainment?

Do you watch the Block?the block

I do, although I don’t see too much ‘Reality’ in this Reality TV Show.

What’s Unrealistic

The Judges Opinion’s – In ‘Sky High’ and ‘Glasshouse’ we had one winner and one second place from contestants that regularly got marked down by the judges while some of those that were regularly praised struggled to make money. This was in spite of contestants that the judge’s liked getting much more money to spend on their apartments.

Tradies Work Practices – It’s remarkable what Tradies will put up with to get their faces on the TV so don’t expect:

  • Tradies to drop everything and rush round to start your job.
  • Different trades to work on your job at the same time.
  • Any work to be done after 4.00pm.

Suppliers – Don’t expect any special deals on unusual fitting, or same day delivery . . .next week is more likely!

What’s Realistic

Keith – There is always one ‘A#^e h#%e’ on every job who keeps saying “You can’t do that!”and you have just got to learn to deal with them.

The Importance of  Programming – The producers seem to delight in having Keith’s team working on the structure at the same time as the contestants want to finish their rooms . . . so the contestants are held up. . . but it does show that you need to make sure the structure is right before you even think about finishing off works.

Stress – There will always be some stress on a building project. Unrealistic timescales and living on the job and it really does multiply.

No Downlights In the episodes I have seen their seem to be a noticeable lack of down lights. Perhaps this lighting idea really has ‘Jumped the Shark!



Have I got it wrong? Are ShaynnaNeale and Darren really the style gurus they think they are?

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