Optus + NBN – FAIL

Since the National Broadband Network (NBN) became available in our area our story of customer service with Optus has been appalling!

Stage 1

At the end of March we tried to use the Optus on line system to book an installation.

After an on line discussions with an Optus representative we were told that the installation would be within 3 weeks.

Stage 2

Monday 19th of April, and the three weeks are up, and no sign of an installation. . . . . .  We phoned Optus, after waiting on the phone for an hour Optus hung up on us.

Tried again and after another hour (My wife is very patient) we told that someone at Optus had cancelled the order the day after they had agreed to do the install. . . . would have been nice if they had told us!

The Optus representative agreed to arrange for NBN Co do some connections on the morning of 24th April with the modem being installed on Wednesday 24th April.

Stage 3

We received a text message saying the NBN installation would be in the afternoon of the 24th.

My wife spent more than 3 hours on three occasions trying unsuccesfully to contact NBN and Optus about when the connections would be done.


Friday 24th April after my wife stayed in all day no one had turned up by 4.30pm.

After another hour waiting on the phone we were told “There is no appointment in their system.”

My  Opinion

Well if you look on the Optus website you will find they say  “Optus aims to lead Australia in delivering Outstanding Customer Service’. . . . . I DON’T THINK SO!


When I originally published this post I expected that with an installation appointment booked for 3rd May I wouldn’t have any further problems. . . . . .  To see how wrong I was see Optus+NBN – Fail 2