Tripsafe Cable Covers

Have you ever tripped over electrical cable snaking across the floor?

I know I have . . . . more than once!

It’s a common problem if you want to use an electrical device well away from a wall, such as charging a laptop while you are sitting on a lounge chair.

A Solution tripsafe 1

Well I have been trying out a TripSafe Cable Cover for Carpets.

It consists of a woven top with Velcro right the way across the underside

It’s quite simple to use . . . just lay the cable on the carpet in a straight line and press the cable cover over it.

The Velcro, on the underside of the cover, grips the carpet tightly making it just about impossible to trip.

The model I tried was the 1.8m long and cost approx $45 including delivery.

Easy, and reusable, unlike my normal solution of Gaffer Tape.


Check Your Carpet

Although the Carpet Cable Cover is effective on a looped carpet, it is much less effective with tufted carpets so its worth testing first. (Get a piece of Velcro, hooked side, and lay it on the Carpet. . . . if it grips you should be OK)

No grip; then TripSafe do make a cover for hard floors, which is a bit more expensive at around $72 (including delivery).


Disclosure; I was sent a free Tripsafe Cable Cover to carry out this review, but received no payment. At the conclusion of the review the cover was donated to the Rotary Club of Hoppers Crossing for use at their meetings.