Optus + NBN – Fail 2

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the problems in getting an Installation Appointment but things didn’t much better.

Stage 5

New Optus Modem arrives in the post followed by an NBN installation engineer on the 5th May. the engineer checks the line plugs the modem in and leaves telling us that we should be up and running in 15-30 minutes.

Stage 6

After several tries still no internet and now no phone either.

On the mobile to Optus, after waiting for an hour we were told that we would need to check the NBN box (outside the flat) was working.

We were unable to access the communications room room for the apartments until the caretaker arrived the following morning.

Stage 7

Following morning checked the communications room to find a locked NBN cabinet apparently working.

On the mobile to Optus, after waiting for an hour we were told that we would need to book in an Optus technician to install a cable between the box in the basement and our apartment, at a cost of $140.

Didn’t believe this so contacted NBN who informed us that our NBN was definitely ‘Fibre to the Node’ and ‘Copper to the Apartment’.

Stage  8

Received a message from Optus asking why we were not using our new NBN connection.

On the mobile again to Optus, after waiting for around 45mins we explained what NBN had told us and asked to be phoned back when they had a response.

A couple of hours later we received a phone call saying we had been sent the wrong modem and another  modem was being sent to us.

Stage 9

Finally receive new modem which worked within a few minutes of installation. . . . Internet and phone now working, after 3 days without either service.

Stage 10

Contacted by Optus Customer service as a result of a complaint to the Telecommunications Obudsman who agree to the equivalent of waving 2 months service charge as compensation for the mobile phone calls and inconvenience.


If Optus believed in Customer Care they would:

  • Have enough operators to be able to respond to call in minutes, not an hour.
  • Train their operators to be able to provide correct information.
  • make sure that if a mistake was made with a customer they would take additional steps to ensure no further mistakes were made.

When dealing with communications companies if they fail to provide acceptable service contact the Telecommunications Ombudsman at this link: MAKING A COMPLAINT