Annual Household Maintenance Guide: The Forgotten List Of Household Chores

 Guest Post by Hubert Dwight

listFor a long time you aspired to own your own home.

Now that you are the proud owner of your very own house and all the glorious responsibilities that go along with it, it’s time to step up to the title of ‘homeowner’ and look after the house!

After all, the home you live in is yours. . . Your asset. . . Your life savings.

Show some pride!

It all starts with diligent household maintenance.

We have compiled a list of household chores that should be completed.

Some may already be on your agenda, while others may not have even crossed your mind.

The concept of Spring cleaning has definitely latched on, and for good reason! It’s an

opportunity to pick up the slack and de-clutter your humble abode. Here is a list of

household chores to perform


✓ Clean windows and repair or replace any screens.

✓ Check your gutters to make sure there is nothing blocking them and preventing water from flowing correctly, away from your house. Clear out any leaves and other debris.

✓ Make sure your pumps is working if you have any. You need to make sure the excess water stays away from your house.

✓ Check your paving for damage. If you find any from the long winter, make sure you hire someone to  repair it before Winter hits again

✓ Check your roof for any signs of damage. Any abnormalities require a professional to assess the problem. Roof Repairs in Melbourne can be quite costly, if you allow the problem to escalate so nip it in the bud early.

✓ You’ll be using your lawn mower more frequently, so it is wise to inspect it and ensure it’s working.

Regular household maintenance is integral to maintaining the value of your home and avoiding hefty repairs down the line. Here is a list of chores to be performed as


✓ Check the decks for sign they need to be repainted or repaired. Prepare your outdoor living space for the regular social gatherings you’ll be having as the weather warms up.

✓ Clean your sliding door.

✓ Check and oil your garage door. If you have any problems with it, you may need to have a professional check it out.

✓ Ensure that your air conditioning units are working perfectly and that the filters are clean. You want to be prepared when the heat comes.


✓ Check windows and make sure they don’t leak. Caulk/Seal around the frames if necessary.

✓ Clean out gutters and drains from falling leaves. This will need to be done regularly to avoid blocked gutters.

✓ Bring in all outdoor furniture and grills.

✓ Take care of your garden tools and hoses and store them for the winter

✓ Make sure your fireplace is ready for winter use. Have wood delivered and chopped for use.

✓ Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace batteries when the clocks chage to ensure they will work properly.

✓ Check your roof again to make sure the summer sun didn’t cause any damages. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, you need to schedule a roof inspection. Most reputable companies will offer a free inspection and quote.


When the temperature drops consider doing the following:

✓ Vacuum the air vents so that dust and other debris doesn’t fly into the air when you turn on the heat.

✓ Check your flashlight batteries.


Household maintenance is part and parcel of home ownership.

Performing your chores throughout the year, rather than during one single Spring cleaning spree, will minimise the risk of  major repairs.

You’ll be able to nip the minor issues in the bud, and subsequently save yourself a substantial amount of money in the long run!