Don’t Just Wait For PCI

pci-coverI have sold almost 2,000 copies of my PCI Guide and as a result get a fair bit of feedback.

One thing that I have noticed is that a number or people only buy the Guide a day or two before their PCI. . . . some on the morning of their inspection.

Get In Early

If you notice a significant defect during the build it is far better to draw the Site Supervisors attention to your concerns, when you see it.

For many issues its far easier to get the problem dealt with before it is covered up. (and before the builder has paid the tradesman)

For Instance:

On my last built, before lock up, I noticed the gas pipework had been run to the wrong meter location. Correcting the mistake then would only have taken a couple of hours.

Doing the same job after the plasterboard had been fixed, and insulation installed, would have been a major issue!