8 Wallet-Friendly Tricks To Spruce Up Your Interiors This Spring

Guest Post by Hubert Dwight

Brace yourselves, Spring is here!

Now that the winter coats, hats and boots are packed away, it’s time to spruce up the interiors of your home as well.

Spring marks new beginnings, and why not make full use of it to make a change in not just what you wear but how your house is decorated to?

Here are 8 Wallet-Friendly Tricks To Spruce Up Your Interiors This Spring.

A fresh new vibe doesn’t have to leave a hole in your pocket!

1. Soothe Your Senses

Spring is not just a colourful season – it is a fragrant one too.

Why not bring that crisp air and fragrance into your home with diffusers, scented candles and incense?

Scents have been proven to have a profound impact on the mood and can instantly calm you down after a stressful day at work.

Diffusers and candles are a very inexpensive way to bring the glorious scents of spring into your humble abode.

2. Flowers Aren’t Just For Valentine’s Dayflowers

One of the signs that Spring has arrived are when you see the once barren trees now start to grow in full bloom.

Purchasing fresh flowers online and adorning your home with it is a fantastic way of bringing the birth of spring into your very own home.

Aside from floral arrangements around your house looking absolutely stunning, they too bring a fresh Spring aroma into your home.

You don’t have to wait for your partner or a secret admirer to buy you flowers – jump online, get your own and start decorating!

3. Beautify Your Boudoir

Bright, fresh and crisp new bed linens can do wonders for your your personal sanctuary.

Who doesn’t enjoy going home and tucking into an amazingly comfortable and crisp bed for a good night of rest?

It’s time to tuck away your thick and heavy winter duvets and replace them with crisp linens and colourful coverlets.

Bring spring into your bedroom with floral designed sheets, or light colours such as pastel yellows and greens.

Don’t forget to include some accent pillows for added style and comfort.

4. Add A Splash Of Colourstatement-wall

There is no better way to breathe new life into a room than to completely revamp its color scheme – starting from the walls to your furniture covering and decors.

Statement walls are a very popular way to bring some fresh colour into a room without having to break the bank with an entire new paint job.

Painting one wall in your dining room in a sunny yellow or cream shade is a  simple DIY task that you and your family can do over the weekend.

Changing the colour of your tablecloths, cushions and throws can also bring an airy spring feel into your living area.

5. Simple Artwork Is The Way To Go

Another great way of sprucing up your interiors is to hang up fresh, bright and modern artwork on your bare walls.

Not only do they create a sense of structure in your home, they are also visually appealing and can complement the decor and furniture in your home.

Awesome places to purchase inexpensive art work would be at thrift stores, markets and op shops – it doesn’t have to be expensive to bring some wow factor into your home.

6. Goodbye Dull Drapes!

It’s time to switch out those dull and dark drapes for something bright, fresh and airy.

Choosing light coloured curtains allows for more sunlight to enter your home, and you will be surprised at the brightening power of pale curtains.

You can even go one step further and get tastefully floral printed curtains (not the type your granny owns) to really kick the feeling of spring back into your home.

7. Don’t Forget The Dining Table flameless-candals

The dining table is often a space that we forget can be decorated and matched to the surrounding decor in the home.

For a fresh spring feel, adorn your table with Batik inspired place mats and napkins, light coloured crockery and some beautiful flowers in a vase as a centrepiece.

Flameless candles are also a great, safe and fresh way to add some elegance to your spring themed table.

8. The Magic Of Metallic

Metallic accents and mixed metal decorations have been turning heads recently, and is one of the hottest trends for the Spring season.

Copper, Bronze or Silver accessories in the bathroom, on the walls or even on your table top can bring elements of warm metallic allure to your home – small accents that make a big impression.

You can find many of these metallic decor at thrift stores or even at inexpensive stores such as K-Mart these days.


Sprucing up your home interior for Spring does not have to cost a fortune, and with a few nifty tricks and simple know-hows, you’ll be enjoying a bright, clean and fresh living space for months to come.