What Do Builder’s Warranties Cover?

GUARANTEEThe ‘Statutory Builders Warranty’ or Guarantee is 10 years although some builders offer periods of up to 25 years . . . . but what do you get?

Well the overall Warranty only applies to the main elements of the house

Here are some typical limits to cover:

Up To 3 Months From Handover

  • Adjustment to doors, windows, cupboards including locks and catches.
  • Filling and painting large plaster cracks and nails ‘popping’
  • Plumbing issues.
  • Heating Issues.
  • Cooling Systems.
  • Electrical Systems
  • Drainage and Sewerage systems
  • All problems relatiing to roofing, brickwork,painting, tiling, flooring.

Up To A Year from Handover

  • Weather proofing.
  • Faulty guttering and down pipes.
  • Paint.

Up to the Maximum Warranty Term

Generally will only cover structural failure such as

  • Foundation Failure. (Although recent history has shown many builders will try and blame the house owner for the problems)
  • Structural Frame. (But you may need to demonstrate you have maintained termite protection systems)
  • Load Bearing Brickwork.


There will be a wide range of exclusions that are likely to include

  • Appliances, hot water services, heating and cooling systems after the first 3 months. (The builder will expect you to take up the issues with the manufacturer)
  • Storm, flooding and fire damage.
  • Fair wear and tear.
  • Minor cracking.
  • Damage to the foundations due to trees or ‘over watering of gardens adjacent to foundations.

As you can see that Warranty is not as comprehensive as most people think,


The above doesn’t mean that you can’t have defects fixed that are outside the Warranty . . .but you could have a fight!