Wants and Needs – 5 Luxury Home Additions With Practical Benefits

Guest Post by Hubert Dwight

fireplaceThere are some things in life that are needs.

Things like shelter, water, food and clothing are needs.

We have to have them, otherwise life just kinda doesn’t work for us.

Then there are some things in life that are wants; and these are things like champagne, caviar, plush carpet, luxury beach holidays and open fireplaces in wintertime.

But let’s face it, if you’re in Victoria during wintertime, fireplaces in Melbourne are kind of a need.

You might be thinking – well, a fireplace, that’s a little indulgent, isn’t it?

But I have long been of the opinion that if you’re in a position to treat yourself, you should.

This article is all about how you can enjoy adding some other luxury items to your home, while still getting the most out of the practical benefit of these little luxury add-ons.

So let’s take a look at my top five luxury home additions with practical benefits.

A new kitchen

A brand new kitchen is something that so many of us want, and yet we continue to work away, making do with the kitchen that we have and just hoping for something better to be there one morning when we wake up.

But not going to happen and you need to be the one to make the call.

Now, no one ever said that kitchens were going to be cheap – but the fact is that a new kitchen can actually add a whole heap of value to your home.

You can afford to spend a little more on a new kitchen knowing that it’s going to add value, which can potentially appear in the form of equity on your home loan.

Just so long as you don’t over-capitalise you’ll be laughing.

Plus, with the money that you make back on your home loan, you can afford to splash out on some kitchen gadgets.

A fireplace

This is a need, not a want, if you’re lucky enough to live in Victoria, don’t you think? In all seriousness though – a fireplace is a great option for your home.

You can install one fairly cheaply and it ensures that you save on your heating costs during wintertime.

You might even double the usage of your hearth by turning your fireplace into a meat roasting pit!

Now if that’s not enough of an incentive I don’t know what is…

LED lighting

While this isn’t technically a ‘luxury’ add on, many people are still reluctant to invest in it due to the initial cost.

All you have to do is look at the way in which you can save money thanks to the lifespan and energy use, and you’ll see that LED is the way of the future.

So many of the top homes have LED lighting thanks to its industry esteem, so it makes sense that you would pick it for a splash of luxury in your home.

A bathtub

If you have the space for a luxury tub in your home, you had better think about investing in one.

Some people will choose a home (or not) based on the presence of a bathtub.

And for dedicated tub bathers, it’s a no-deal if you don’t have one.

So don’t eliminate some people from the market – get a tub for your home.

There are plenty of great options available.

A luxe laundry

You might not think laundry when you think luxury, but there you go!

A spacious and tasteful laundry is a great option for your home, and you can be as creative as you like with surfaces and finishes.

Good luck with making your home a luxury paradise, while still enjoying the benefits of practicality.

Your wallet and common sense will thank you!