Obtaining Quotes 1

I recently moved into a new house and wanted both solar power and reverse cycle split air conditioning so I decided to try a couple of those ‘We will get you quotes’ services with mixed results.

Solar Quotes – Reasonable Outcome

What was good about the service

  • Great site with absolutely lots of free unbiased general information for anyone thinking about solar power.
  • Lots of references from customers on the contractors that ‘Solar Quotes’ recommend.
  • Lots of information on the various solar panels and inverters including quality ranking.
  • Ability to communicate with the owners of the site and ask questions.

What was disappointing

  • I only received a single quote rather than the three I was expecting. . . . We live in Dandenong not a rural area!


The quote I received from the Solar Quotes Company ( Essential Solar ) was less than the quote from the company that installed a system in my last house, for comparable quality. so I used Essential Solar

Melbourne Air Conditing Quotes – Hopeless

What was good


What Was Disappointing

  • Poor website with very little information about selecting units or any sort of references.
  • In spite of sending my details twice I did not receive any contact from companies wanting to quote.
  • No way to communicate by email, or phone, with the owners of the site to resolve the problems.

Some Final Thoughts

All these ‘We will get you quotes’ sites rely on the company that gets the work paying them a finders fee. . . . This means that good companies that mainly rely on word of mouth may not use these service.

Without publishing reviews of customers on the web site how will you know those providing quotes are capable of providing a quality job rather than just competing on price.