Which Way Round Do You Want The Bath?

I was recently contacted by a reader of this blog about their bath installation.

They found the bath had been installed in a different direction to which she had expected.

As far as they were concerned the ‘back’ of the bath should point into the room rather than against a wall.

The question was whose fault was it?

Check The Drawings

When you get the drawings from the builder they do show details like the direction of the bath.

In this drawing the plug hole is at the ‘top’ of the drawing which is indicated by the black dot in the bath.

Make sure you check details like this and if you want something different make sure the plans are changed.


Unfortunately in this case the drawings showed the installed orientation.

As the cost of breaking out the in slab pipework was too expensive the owner had to accept the installation.


Something else which you may notice on the plan is that the toilet door opens inwards.

That makes me wonder how someone shuts the door when they go in the toilet as the door sweeps through where they would be standing.

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