Ecological solutions that will help your family

Guest post by Nick Stoyanov

It’s about time for people to start paying attention to their environment.

Although it might sound like something that is hard to do, we can easily change our ways becoming a more ecologically conscious society.

In fact, there are so many solution that we can implement in our home which will save us money, spend less resources and unburden local energy providers.

On top of that, by implementing some of these solutions, you will also be able to live a healthier and more productive life.

It’s a win-win situation.

You still don’t believe me? . . . . Ok, let’s check some easy ecological solutions that you will surely love.

Changing your lights

When it comes to low energy consumption, LED lights are one of the best examples how you can make a difference with a small change

For example, they use between 25 to 80 % less energy.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also last between 3 to 25 times longer than the standard light bulbs.

The secret lies in their ingenious model that is able to do so much with so little.

Next time you wish to save some money and help the planet, just make sure to change your lights.

Saving water

Saving water is no brainer. In their quest for a greener planet, some people go really far and they rarely even use water for flushing and choirs around the house.

Instead of opting for such drastic measures, you can collect water yourself.

Water tanks and barrels are not a new concept.

Barrels have been around for ages allowing you to collect rainwater that pours down from the roof.

This water can be later on used for various house jobs.

Water tanks are a bit more advanced.

They work together with submersible water pumps.

When rain falls, it is collected in tanks.

When you need to use it, submersible pump will send it to a certain section of house for further use.

It is a great solution that will have an enormous impact on your bills.

Solar panels

In times of need, people tend to be rather resourceful.

Solar panels are one of the latest solutions for global energy deficit.

Instead of burdening your local energy providers, you are now able to generate power yourself without any additional costs.

This method is becoming increasingly popular being accepted and promoted by various governments of the world.

In certain regions, governmental bodies are even giving subsidies for its use.

All you have to do is put several panels on your roof and you are ready to go.

If needed, it is also possible to place them in your backyard.

Naturally, this gives you much more space.

This is especially great for agricultural households that are heavily reliant on power.

Planting a garden

There are so many upsides to why a homeowner should plant a vegetable garden in his backyard, it is becomes really hard to go against this decision.

In last couple of years (especially since the global crisis) there are more and more urban families that are choosing to do so.

Reason is simple: the costs are really high and oftentimes we don’t even know what we’re eating.

Backyard garden is a perfect solution for the whole family as it provides a constant source of food.

Although it requires more attention than the previous things from our list, it is definitely something worth considering.


Hopefully, this and similar articles will open your eyes to all the benefits of going green.

Even if you do not care about the planet, there are so many financial benefits when it comes to sustainable solutions making them really hard to neglect.

Graphic courtesy of Neetal Parekh