Ghost Houses 2017

Walking around my local area I came across this abandoned partially built house. . . 

. . . and next door this abandoned 3 house development.

They are reminders that things can go wrong, and if you are over committed financially you can’t find a a way back.

Here are just some of the ways that you can run out of money during the build, and finish up owning a ghost.

  • Builder going Bust, Even if you have a guarantee it is still going to cost you extra to have another builder take over the job.
  • Additional Site Works costs.
  • You split from your partner.
  • You, or your partner, loses a job.
  • Your employer suffering a downturn restricting the amount of overtime you were expecting to earn.
  • Illness reducing wages for several months.
  • Rise in Interest Rates.

Make sure you aren’t over committed!