The Dedicated Designer – 6 Tips for Giving Your Home a Pre-Sale Makeover

Guest Post by Hubert Dwight

House envy. . . . The struggle is real. . . .We have all been there.

You walk into someone’s home and your eyes dart from corner to corner in disbelief that everything is so in-place and perfect.  

Trying to play it cool, you say something like “I like what you have done with the place”, while inside you are screaming “I WANT TO LIVE HERE!”.

Well folks, that is just the sentiment you need to capture when you are prepping your house to go on the market.  

The smell of fresh baked cookies and a reasonable price are not going to cut it in today’s real estate landscape.  

So, for those looking to put their house out for sale, read ahead for 6 tips for giving your home a pre-sale makeover.

1. Help is Available

If you read that intro paragraph and immediately started to panic, don’t worry, you have options.   

So style and “home-making” is not your specialty, you are certainly not alone.   

Many people preparing their home for sale will turn to a trusted company for property styling in Melbourne.  

Good styling companies will turn any house into a high end, classy and elegant home.   

With a competitive buyers market, styling your home is an integral part of selling your home quickly for the price you are after.

2. Love your Lighting

Ambient lighting, correct wattage, and purposefully placed candles will transform the feel of your house.  

Make sure very room in your house has a cozy, welcoming lighting rather than harsh high watt bulbs that make anyone cringe.  

Don’t underestimate the power of candles in your house either.  Investing in some high quality candles will whisk potential buyers away to their favourite beach, or coziest fire place, all whilst standing in your living room.

3. Bring the Outdoors In

Indoor plants can have a calming effect by bringing in the natural healing properties of mother nature.  

Plants are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are scientifically proven to improve health.  

Indoor air, like outdoor air, can contain harmful pollutants.  

Indoor plants can actually act as a natural air filter, making your house have that fresh, clean air feeling – something any home buyer will be drawn to immediately.   

Feeling like your green thumb is a bit out of practice?  . . . Don’t worry, help is available in choosing the best plants for your indoor space.

4. Soak up the Seasons

You know that feeling when you go to your mum’s house at Christmas and it is perfectly decorated and you get all warm and fuzzy inside?  There is no reason not recreate this feeling all year long, with every season.  A bowl of fresh cherries in Summer, fresh tulips in a vase in Spring, a bowl of pinecones in Winter.  These small touches will really make a house a home.

5. Size Matters

Stressed about the small size of some of your rooms?

Boost the perceived size of any room with large feature mirrors.  

From bathrooms to small second bedrooms,  mirrors make rooms feel larger and also increase the amount of natural light reflected into a room.

It also is a way for people to literally see themselves in the home making a quick purchase more likely!

6. Beauty and the Bathroom

Did you know the average human spends 1 hour 42 minutes in the bathroom per week?

That is a lot of time!  So you should put in some serious love into your loo.  

Creating a mini-vacation feeling in your bathroom will highlight the room as a feature in the house.  

A clean, crisp, well-organised bathroom will catch the eye of any style savvy home-buyer.  

Plush towels, fresh flowers,  clean and crisp surfaces and a scented candle will transform your bathroom into a holiday escape.  

You don’t need to remodel to get that feeling, small style tips can make all the difference!


Selling your home is a scary and exciting time.

Taking the time to assess your style, and how it will fare to a wider audience is an essential part in the process.  

A pre-sale makeover may be just what you need to pass on your property to the next owners.

Whether you seek expert guidance from a company, or re-style room by room, take the time to create that “wow” moment for anyone who walks through your front door.  

You never know who will insist on making that their front door after one look at your perfectly styled house!