Braided Hoses Problems

Have you got one of these flexible stainless steel braided hoses?

This is one fitted to my toilet.

They were initially mainly used in inaccessible areas.

These days being fairly inexpensive they are often used to make all sorts of connections easier.


According to this article in ‘The Age’ they are responsible for one in five of all water damage claims.

It seems they have a limited lifespan.

Many braided steel hoses are used in accessible but closed areas where heat, moisture and fumes can react with the woven mesh, causing  corrosion that leads to hose failures.

Things like chemicals, stored in under sink cupboards, can also further shorten their life, by causing deterioration of the internal hose.

Having sharp bends also makes them more prone to failure.

If you already have these hoses make sure you regularly inspect them and change them at the first sign of damage.