Kettle, or Instant Boiling Water Taps?

I hear that instant hot water taps are becoming more popular but are they a good idea?

Well I’m not convinced.

Instant Hot water Taps

Yes they do save time in boiling water but:

  • Expensive at around $5,000 fitted;
  • Need regular  filter changes at over $250 (and you have to wait around for the fitter, so not that convenient!);
  • Take up room under your bench;
  • They’re using power all the time (though less in sleep mode) around 0.8 kwh/day before you draw off any water;
  • Having nearly scalded myself with one I’m not convinced on their safety.


Take longer but:

  • I timed my kettle and it only took 1.5mins to boil a 300ml mug;
  • Low power use at around 0.06 kwhrs/mug;
  • Low cost at from $20 for a cheapy to $60 for a top of the line model;
  • According to Tea experts freshly boiled water means better tasting tea;
  • I can get chilled water at minimal cost, and just as quick, from a jug in the fridge.


May be OK for workplaces but I’d rather stick with the minimal effort of boiling a kettle and take the savings, how about you?