Is you House Sick?

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Like this sad house?

Or Just Making You Sick?

I frequently hear of about ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ where the chemicals used in the construction and the lack of ventilation can make you ill.

One organisation that is working to reduce the risks are the Institute of Building Biology + Sustainability.

They aim to provide house owners with objective information, and promote a holistic, sustainable, healthy approach to building.

Here are some of their key principles

  • Use natural and unadulterated building materials.
  • A building shall have a pleasant or neutral smell, not releasing any toxins.
  • Promote good indoor air quality through natural ventilation.
  • Minimize energy consumption while using renewable energy whenever possible.
  • Prefer regional building materials, not promoting the exploitation of scarce and hazardous resources.
  • Select light exposures, lighting systems, and colour schemes following natural conditions.
  • Locate residential homes away from pollutant and noise sources.
  • Provide low-density housing with sufficient green space.

Interested?. . . . Want to find about all 25 Principles?

For more information check out the Institute of Building Biology + Sustainability