Not got space for a swimming Pool?

Would you like a spa/hot tub?

I know when I go on holiday I quite enjoy getting in a hot spa at the end of the day.

Before you make the decision to buy it’s worth thinking about what it’s going to cost.

Initial Requirements

Besides the cost of the initial unit there is where its going to be located.

  • Landscaping around it, or on a paved area. ( I would say on a paved area so it can be removed easily*)
  • If you are thinking of on a deck the deck will need to be strengthened as a spa full of water, and people, can be 2-3 tonnes.
  • Under a roof, or pergola.
  • Will you need a pool fence or just a lockable hardcover (Check your council requirements)
  • Running power/ electricity to the unit.

*Pools and spas can put future buyers off a property. 

Ongoing Costs

Typically the biggest cost is going to be heating. . . . Increasing the water temperature from 20ºC to 35ºC for a 1,000 litre spa would take around 17kw hrs of electricity costing around $5.(even using a heat pump its going to cost around $2) An insulated cover will help a little.

Other cost will include; running the spa pumps, running filter pumps, disinfection, and ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Additional water usage due to refilling the spa, and evaporation losses.


Even though I enjoy a spa, every time I have looked at the costs, I’ve decided against it. . . so it remains a holiday treat.