Don’t Rush Your PCI

Why it’s Worth Your Time

A new house is probably going to be your biggest ever purchase,

Most new houses cost upwards of two hundred thousand dollars and I always want to make sure I’m getting my moneys worth.

That moneys worth is not just the cost of the materials, but the cost of workmanship to a proper standard.

Why Builders Don’t Allocate Much Time

A single site supervisor may be responsible for the build of 20 houses so is a busy person (The other 19 are not your problem though)

The faster the inspection the less likely that problems will be spotted which means the time, money, and builders effort to get to completion will be reduced.

What You Can Do

Find out what you should be looking for. . . . the PCI Guide, which only costs $4, provides plenty of information.

Arrange your PCI for early in the day so you have plenty of time.

Don’t think because you have spotted a couple of big issues it’s all sorted. (I have heard of builders leaving a couple of obvious faults, that they can point out to you, hoping you will miss the many minor issues)