Boom of Self Storage Units (Compactus Type Systems)

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Self-storage facilities are experiencing unprecedented demand all over the country but putting possessions in these units long term can be expensive.

Research suggests that as more people than ever before are moving into functional yet compact apartments, intelligent storage solutions like the Compactus system are becoming an interesting alternative.

Growth of Self Storage

In terms of self-storage, current figures suggest that the number of units available across Australia is expected to increase by more than 10% within the next two years alone.

At least 30 new self-storage facilities are set to open their doors across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane over the next two years, of which many will be operated by completely new companies.

Just to put this into some kind of perspective, the typical annual opening rate for such facilities is no more than three per year.

As far as the experts are concerned however, this enormous growth in both demand and available inventory comes as no real surprise.

Apartment living and smaller homes have become something of a new standard across many of Australia’s most populous towns and cities, driving demand for intelligent and accessible storage solutions.

For example, between the years 2011 and 2016, the number of people living in apartments in Brisbane has increased by almost 26%.

During the same period apartment dwelling in Melbourne grew by more than 9%, while the number of
people living in apartments in Sydney increased by almost 19%.

“Urbis has observed a strong correlation between higher-density living and the demand for self-storage in areas such as Waterloo in NSW, Hawthorn in Victoria and Fortitude Valley in Queensland,” said director David
Blackwell. “Demand for self-storage will continue to grow in areas such as Macquarie Park in NSW which is undergoing higher density residential development and significant population growth.”

A Home Solution

Along with self-storage facilities, apartment dwellers are increasingly exploring the available options in terms of a dynamic and intelligent storage solutions to be used within their homes.

Flexible and scalable Storage Systems like the Compactus system have become extremely popular, as has furniture and
fixtures that double-up as convenient storage units.

Compactus mobile shelving living up to its name by effectively and efficiently compacting a much larger shelving system into the smallest possible installation with minimum requirement for floor space.

As far as most experts are concerned however, we’ve really only just begun to see the shape of things to come.

As available floor space in desirable locations diminishes by the day, developers and property buyers alike are finding themselves with little choice but to focus on increasingly compact apartments.

Intelligent storage solutions at home are making it easier and more comfortable for residents to make use of the limited space they have available to them.

Still A Place For Self Storage Companies

Self-storage facilities  will provide lifelines for those looking to store larger and/or abundant items away from their property.

One of the key benefits of the wider availability of self-storage facilities across Australia being the gradual yet inevitable decline in associated costs.

Whether looking to store a few items of furniture or the contents of an entire household, doing so should become significantly more affordable over the coming years

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  1. Thanks for this post! I’ve been weighing up offsite self-storage for my stuff, and then thought “What about something like what my company uses: the compactus? Surely there’s a residential version that doesn’t look so… industrial?”

    Sadly though, no. All the ones I could find are simply painted metal. This might be because wooden ones would be much heavier to slide around?

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