Bathroom Heating

If you have following this blog you will know I am a big fan of reverse cycle air conditioning for room heating due to its amazing efficiency..

That however doesn’t apply to our bathroom.

This might look like a reverse cycle unit but its actually a rather smart looking fan heater.

So why am I happy with the 100% efficiency for this heater rather than the 300% efficiency of reverse cycle.

Well there are a few reasons:

  1. The unit was fairly inexpensive at less than $100 as opposed to around $2,000.
  2.  It doesn’t actually use much power as it runs for less than 10 minutes a day over the winter months only. (we are 3 minute shower people) That’s probably no more than 12 kw hours per year (Power cost of under $4 a year)
  3. Being a fan heater it starts to warm up the room within 30 seconds whereas a reverse cycle unit will need to run for several minutes meaning that there really isn’t a power saving benefit for short term heating.
  4. The fast response is more convenient.

This just shows the most ‘efficient’ heater isn’t always the best solution, particularly if the heating is only for short periods. .