How Much Did That Swim Cost?

$25 or more ?

Think I am joking?

Initial cost

For a reasonable sized pool with a paved surround and proper fences you are unlikely to get away with less than $60,000.
Add it to your mortgage and you are going to be paying at least another $3,000 a year.

Running costs

Typical costs are:

  • Electricity is going to be around $1,000 a year.
  • Chlorine and other chemicals: $400 a year.
  • Maintenance of pumps covers etc $200 a year.

Plus much more if you are going to have heating!


Based on the above figure annual costs are going to be around $4,600.

But how many times a week will it be used over the 13 weeks of summer?

Well it could be 30 times during the summer holidays but over the whole 3 months 14-15 times a week is more likely.

$4,600 divided by (13 x 14) = $25.27 . . . and you don’t even get a decent swim, 2-3 strokes and you hit the wall.